Riley "The Alligator Man"


Riley the Alligator man rises from the waters of a small pond on ?? Island during Guy and Jack’s battle with the lizard men. He ends up biting the head off of Mick “The Aussie” and argues a moment with Guy before returning to the small pond.

But not before pointing them in the direction of the genetics lab hidden in a giant tree on the northern side of the island.

Riley is a complex character. He had blatant rage towards Mick, and he murdered him for revenge, yet he was secretive about his motives and wanted Guy and Jack to find out the truth for themselves.

Furthermore, he refused to accompany the two men to the lab, yet in the end, he rescues them by killing Dr. Andrews and his guards, and helps defeat the man-spider monstrosity.

Although it is never said, it is left up to assumption that Riley was at one point in time a normal human, and he was captured by Dr. Andrews and used in the lab’s twisted experiments. Obviously, he was mutated into a man-alligator mixture.

Riley "The Alligator Man"

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