Mick "The Aussie" Jones

"The Aussie" that comes to the "rescue" on Lycan Island


Guy is the first to meet Mick “The Aussie” when he is fighting a giant wasp on Dread Island after his comrade, Jack, passed out from being stung and was carried off by another wasp. Mick comes running with a gun and helps Guy defeat the wasp. Afterward, he tells of how he woke up on the island a week before and found himself in a similar situation that the two men found themselves in that day. He then talks Guy into rescuing Jack instead of going off in search of whiskey.

They successfully rescue Jack, vanquish the wasps, and go off into the woods in search of answers. Day turns to night and after hours of wandering they stumble upon a campfire surrounded by strange lizardfolk. A battle ensues and in the midst of fighting, an alligator-man mix appears from a lake nearby and lifts Mick up by his throat. Guy and Jack quickly come to his aid, mostly because Mick had done the same for them earlier.

But they soon learn that Mick isn’t as he appeared. The alligator spoke of Mick being deceitful and evil man, and he gave the Aussie a chance to confess. But Mick passed on his opportunity to come clean, and the alligator man bit his head and silenced him for good.

Satisfied with taking his revenge on the Aussie, the alligator heads back to the lake. Before disappearing, he tells the two men to check out an odd tree on the other side of the island.

It turns out, inside the tree was a set of hidden stairs that led to a secret facility running experiments on mixing humans and animals, and turning them into monstrous fighting machines. Mick “the Aussie” Jones was a animal handler there, and he was sent to bring the two men back to the facility in one piece because they were meant to be test subjects. But while Mick was out in the wild, he discovered that the creatures they created were a little more trouble than he bargained for, and he spent weeks fighting for his life before reaching the Jack and Guy. In the meantime, the facility lost the interest in the test subjects because they collected all of the data they needed, and had no need for them. As a result, head of the facility did not send a search party for the missing Mick, and he met his end at the hands of an alligator man he had a part in creating.

Mick "The Aussie" Jones

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