Jack Sheppard

A seemingly puny human, an unware lycanthrope.


At first glance, Jack appeared nothing more than the brains holding Guy back. And for half of the Bloodstone quest, it was that way. Selfish, greedy, concerned with only his own survival, and untrusting, all he was good for was shooting a gun. Among Jack’s crowning achievements was shooting a kitten point-blank. However, soon after meeting Chuck, all that changed. Jack was being drugged, and although as a human he was useless, as a werewolf he was a killing machine. After having escaped the clutches of the corporation for long enough, their lycanthropy-suppressing drugs began to wear off, and at the next full moon, Jack turned for the first time he could remember. He shrugged off many of the selfish qualities and his thinking, both human and wolf, turned more into a pack mentality better fit to serve the party.

Our heroes soon found a moon stone that allowed Jack to turn at will, but that stone was contained in a locket that neither Chuck nor Guy would allow him to wear. For that, he resented them. when it came down to it though, they always changed him just in the nick of time. If not for these powers, our heroes’ story may have turned out very differently.

Jack Sheppard

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