Guy Brush Threepwood

Drunk, Foul-Mouthed Redneck


Guy is a man that you want on your side in a fight, but often times would be the one to create the fight in the first place.

He is an alcoholic and loves his whiskey. He hates anyone that is different than him, he curses in damn near every sentence that comes spewing out of his mouth, and he really does not know when to shut up. Basically, he is an acquired taste.

Among other things, from what he remembers before he woke up in the wooden shack on ?? Island, he was a good ol’ country boy who spent most of his time farmin’ and drinkin’. Other than that, he is good with weapons, but thinking rationally isn’t his strong point. He is an all-out, anything goes redneck who never settles for doing things the easy way. He prefers to try and impress (either himself or others) with his over-the top methods.

Guy Brush Threepwood

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