The Bloodstone

Guy: Behind the Whiskey

Theo Trecar: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for tuning in to “The Hot Pocket” where we find those hot stories that you’ve got hidden in your back pocket and bring them out in the open. Here with me tonight is a man who is truly a marvel to speak with. He has been through so much in the past couple years you wouldn’t even begin to believe what he tells you. His story is full of pain, loss, friendship, danger…and the occasional alcoholic indulgence. His name is Guy Threepwood and he is here to tell you all about his treacherous journey. Welcome Mr. Threepwood.

Guy: Mr. Threepwood? Shoot. You best call me Guy or I’m gonna come over there and beat you with your own fist.

Theo Trecar: (chuckles nervously) Isn’t Guy a pistol folks? Now Guy, I understand that you have gone through a lot this past year. You woke up on an island without any memories of how you got there. That must have been scary. In your own words can you tell me what took place on that island?

Guy:Yeah, Well, see. I woke up naked, in a shack, down by the ocean, with some queer ass dude.

Theo Trecar: Oh my! I might have kept that little secret to myself if I were you. So you woke up naked with another man eh? Who is he and was alcohol involved?

Guy: He was some peckerwood that called himself Jack. And I do believe that if whiskey had been involved it would have made what happened next a lot easier to swallow.

Theo Trecar: Here we go folks! This story is heating up already! Please continue Guy. What happened next with you and the mysterious naked man,Jack? Did you find out he drugged you and dragged you to some homosexual fantasy island? Did you find out he was your cousin? Your uncle? Your brother/dad? Well?



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