The Bloodstone

From the beginning

Playing Catch Up

Episode 1: The Island
-Two men, Jack and Guy, wake up in a tiny wooden shack naked, and they have only a couple of foggy memories.
-Accusations fly about inappropriate touching, and both play the blame game.
-They pull things together and decide to work as a team.
-Upon inspection they find that they each have a simple set of clothes and a backpack with matches, a hunting knife, and a full canteen.
-They notice a note nailed to the door that has a drawing of a skull on it with an “x” towards the bottom. It says “Have a grand adventure…” and is signed “A.M.”

And this is where the rest of the story was….it has currently been removed due to a violation of the terms of agreement of this website. PSYCH!! I am actually going to make it into more a bullet point form like I intended. It turned into more of a story, and I may one day want to use the story, so optimistically I am taking it down to save myself future hassles of copyright legal battles against pirates who found a good story and wanted to publish it as their own.



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